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Aquascapes provides various Construction Services

We at Aquascapes pride ourselves in the the complete understanding of the swimming pool and landscape construction process, and are therefore able to offer in house construction and expertise on the construction of the entire swimming pool and landscape project or any one of the individual steps. If you are designing and building the swimming pool yourself and need assistance with any of the individual parts of the construction process, contact Aquascapes for assistance.

We can install the Coping around the pool and spa with precast concrete, poured in place concrete, brick or tumbled quartzite stone. We can install a multi-colored stone textured concrete decking that reflects the character of the natural stone used in the swimming pool or landscape project. The decking can be a combination of stamped concrete with bands of natural stone or pavers cutting through the concrete and accenting it.

The technology of todays pool equipment provides a level of convenience that makes owning a swimming pool a true pleasure and not an additional chore around the yard. From self-chlorinating pool systems and self-cleaning pool sweeps to automated control of waterfalls, lights and heaters, every aspect of the swimming pool environment can be controlled by the computer. High energy-efficient pool pumps can be programmed to operate at different horsepower levels depending on the required use of the pump. The pool and yard lighting as well as the pumps and heater can all be controlled remotely from a cellular telephone or computer. Aquascapes can also place synthetic turf around the pool or yard to add to the maintanence free environment. Let Aquascapes show you how you can turn you backyard into a modern automated oasis.