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Successful projects start with clear designs

With the growing complexity of swimming pools, landscapes, and outdoor living areas in Southern California, people are putting as much thought into the detail and design of their outdoor renovation as they would for an indoor renovation. The beginning steps to your backyard renovation are just a few mouse clicks away. Whether you are taking on the swimming pool and landscape project yourself and only need assitance with detailed working drawings or you are looking to work with a construction company who can design the project and then complete the construction, Aquascapes can assist you by creating a clear and concise computer generated drawing of the construction project.

By using a computer-aided drafting program, Aquascapes can help the homeowner accurately create realistic design ideas that are in scale and proportion to the existing yard. Accurate design drawings can assist the homeowner to better communicate with the builder so there is a clear understanding as to the scope of work to be perfromed.

The compter aided designs also make it very easy to look at different layouts in the yard and how they will fit. With the ability to create everything from the swimming pool and decking to the BBQ and patio cover, and then move them around to different locations in the yard, the computer aided drafting process is an essential element in creating the perfect backyard paradise.